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Is a life coach for you?

By using the free life coaching session we can determine whether a life coach is able to assist you in making the changes to your life that you've always wanted but not been able to achieve so far.


In the free session, you'll have the opportunity to tell me about yourcheltenham life coach free first session situation, and it will give me the information I need to propose a way forward that is individual to you.


There will be no cost to you and no obligation to take things any further, but it will give you the valuable opportunity to "test the water" and decide whether life coaching is something that can support you to solve your most immediate issues or concerns, steer you in the right direction, or put you on the right course to achieve your ambitions.


Life coaching is for anyone who wants to improve an area of their life that is important to them. It could be to do with their relationships, job, self confidence, lifestyle or anything that is important to the individual in living a more satisfying and creative life.







Life Coaching


How does the  Life Coaching process work?


The first step in the process is to decide whether life coaching is for you and to choose a life coach you like and feel you can work with.

In order to help you with this I offer a FREE introductory life coach consultation session. This is an opportunity for us to meet in a relaxed environment. We will be able to discuss the issues most important to you, what you will gain from the life coaching relationship, and you will be able to ask me any questions you want. The session will last up to an hour and at the end of it you will be free to decide if life coaching is for you and if you wish to take it further, or you can decide it's not for you and walk away there's no obligation.

If, after your FREE consultation, you decide you want to go ahead and we agree to work together, we will organise your first life coaching session. This will be a face-to-face meeting lasting between 1 and 2 hours, during which I will get to know as much about you as I can and we will discuss as fully as possible the areas you wish to work on and agree some priorities. After that, life coaching sessions can be anything from 30 minutes long to an hour. This will depend on your preference and the issues you want to work on. All life coaching sessions will be arranged at times that are convenient to you I can be available during evenings and weekends at no additional charge.

I offer face-to-face life coaching as well as telephone sessions, or you can opt for a combination of both. Telephone sessions are particularly useful if we live a distance apart. We are also likely to have other brief contact between life coach sessions to maintain focus and to confirm achievements via telephone, or email if you have the facility.

The number of life coaching sessions you would need depends on the issues you want to work on but in order to see progress it would probably be necessary to have at least 6 sessions. The frequency of life coaching sessions can be as often as you like. Some clients prefer more than one session per week, but they can be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly it's up to you.

If you have a desire to change your life in any way, then a life coach can definitely help you. But it will also depend on you. In order for change to take place you have to have a desire and a will to take action. Without action nothing happens. It's about deciding where you see yourself, where you want to be, setting goals, and taking action to get there, and this whole process becomes easier with the help and support of a life coach.

The outcomes rely on you the results you achieve will depend on the amount of belief and determination you invest in achieving your goals. I cannot guarantee your achievements but I will guarantee you one thing as your Life Coach I will be totally dedicated to helping you.


So What aspects of my life can a Life Coach help me with?



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