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Is a life coach for you?

By using the free life coaching session we can determine whether a life coach is able to assist you in making the changes to your life that you've always wanted but not been able to achieve so far.


In the free session, you'll have the opportunity to tell me about yourcheltenham life coach free first session situation, and it will give me the information I need to propose a way forward that is individual to you.


There will be no cost to you and no obligation to take things any further, but it will give you the valuable opportunity to "test the water" and decide whether life coaching is something that can support you to solve your most immediate issues or concerns, steer you in the right direction, or put you on the right course to achieve your ambitions.


Life coaching is for anyone who wants to improve an area of their life that is important to them. It could be to do with their relationships, job, self confidence, lifestyle or anything that is important to the individual in living a more satisfying and creative life.




Life Coaching


What does Life Coaching cost?

The first session is FREE - click here!


You might expect this special support to cost a lot of money well sometimes it can. The good news is my current rate is only 70 for a 1-hour session. 


But if you book a course of 6 sessions, and pay in advance, you pay only for 5 and receive the 6th one FREE!  6 x 1 hour sessions = 350 (normally 420)




If you pay in advance for 3 sessions you get a 30 discount. 3 x 1 hour sessions = 180 (normally 210)


If you pay as you go, payment must be made at the start of each session by cheque or cash.

As long as the life coaching sessions are local to us both, or are carried out over the telephone there will be no other costs. If a client requires me to travel long distance for face-to-face meetings, then the expenses would be discussed and agreed prior to coaching taking place. From time to time I may supply you with handouts on particular topics we may have discussed, but there will be no charge for these.

Before you click away from this page consider the amazing changes a Life Coach could help you make to your life how insignificant would this cost then seem for the life-changing success and happiness you could achieve?

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